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10 speakers not to miss at lightspace california

This year lightspace california brings together its most ambitious, exciting and eclectic speaking programme to date. It fuses daylight and electric light with cutting-edge materials, design and technology.

Through debate and discussion, this event will play a key role in the cross-fertilisation of ideas across different design disciplines.

The programme gives you a unique and unmissable opportunity to gain insights from some of the world’s finest minds in their individual fields. Register now to stay in the loop.

Here’s our list of 10 thinkers you mustn’t miss.

1 Frank Nuovo
Nuovo Design
Nuovo, former head of design at Nokia, is responsible for some of company’s most iconic designs. Here he turns his attention to lighting, and considers the ways that fixtures can bring together intelligence, awareness, security, communication and entertainment into one seamless whole. Unmissable.
11.30am, Thursday 15 February
2 James Carpenter
Carpenter Lowings
Architect James Carpenter is one of world’s leading pioneers working with daylight, and project credits include the multi-award winning Sky Reflector Net at the Fulton Center and design work on The 7 World Trade Center. Carpenter will share his insights from the intersection of art, engineering and architecture.
3.30pm, Wednesday 14 February
3 Chris Dieringer
With a unique viewpoint on design and technology, Dieringer will explore the impact that advances in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things will have on the retail sector and the built environment, and consider how that will effect interiors and lighting design.
10.00am, Thursday 15 February
4 Cameron McNall
Electroland pioneers artworks that fuse interactivity, light and sound. In the development of these works, the team often encounter discoveries and challenges that anticipate trends in commercial applications. Here McNall will discuss how it may predict a direction of travel in commercial spaces.
9.15am, Thursday February 15
5 Daniel Stromborg
Stromborg joins a panel of independent designers to explore the pitfalls of technology and design. Is the advent of internet-connected lighting a threat to the profession? Is there a danger that people-orientated lighting design and light quality will lose out in the rush to adopt IoT technology?
2.45pm, Wednesday 14 February
6 FX Souvay
Entrepreneur and Lumenpulse founder Souvay has been a pioneering and ambitious force in the architectural LED lighting market. In a unique opportunity to learn the lessons of rapid growth and internationalisation, he will share his experiences and learnings from his own company’s journey onto the global stage.
11.00am, Wednesday 14 February
7 Clay Markham
The major trends in hotel design are towards experiential accommodation and interactive socialization. Here Markham will explore how guest rooms and the public spaces of hotels are evolving to deliver new level of comfort and excitement through the use of intelligent lighting control and dynamic colour.
4.15pm, Wednesday 14 February
8 Ute Besenecker
Lighting Science Group
Much has been learned about lighting for health and wellbeing in recent years, and now dynamic, tunable lighting is appearing in interior architectural applications. Here Besenecker discusses the light we’re typically exposed to and explores the options we have to enliven indoor spaces with light.
10.45am Thursday 15 February
9 George Loisos
Loisos + Ubbelohde
In this special session, Loisos will discuss how an historic coelostat – an instrument whose rotating mirror reflects light continuously from the same area of sky – was repurposed as the spectacular ‘light canon’ element of a 240-foot fibre optic light sculpture at the University of California.
5.15pm, Wednesday 14 February
10 Nik Hafermaas
Ueberall International
Ueberall International creates landmark artworks which bring a sense of wonder to architecture. This light art combines cutting-edge materials, such LCD glass and e-Paper, with digital technologies to merge sculptural form with responsive behavior. Here Hafermaas will discuss the company’s unique approach to creating these experiences.
10.15am, Wednesday 14 February