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  • Tuesday 13 February 2018
    • 5:00 pm
      6:15 pm

      Networking reception

    • 5:15 pm
      6:00 pm

      Harnessing the sun as daylight sculpture

      Speaker: George Loisos of Loisos + Ubbelohde
      As an extension of our daylighting design and performance services, we have also designed light sculptures with beamed daylight. Three projects harness the sun and focus its rays into unique sculptural daylight fixtures, providing daylight and a sense of time and weather to deep interiors. We will discuss our process of design and fabrication for the Linde + Robinson Laboratory at Cal-Tech which repurposes a historic coelostat, a Light Canon for the Energy Biosciences Building in Berkeley and LightFall, a 240 foot fiber optic sculpture lit with beamed sun from a purpose-built roof-mounted solar telescope. All three projects required detailed optical design, fabrication with very small tolerances, and advanced materials.
  • Wednesday 14 February 2018
    • 10:15 am
      10:45 am

      Dynamic Materials for the Second Digital Revolution

      Speaker: Nik Hafermaas of Ueberall
      Ueberall International has created a number of landmark artworks that follow a common aim: to elevate an architectural experience by bringing a sense of wonder to the environment. eCloud, AirField, and most recently DAZZLE are site-specific artistic interventions created in harmony with the surrounding architectural spaces. The installations use innovative
    • 11:00 am
      11:30 am

      The path to Architainment Lighting

      Speaker: FX Souvay of Lumenpulse
    • 11:45 am
      12:15 pm


      Speaker: Daniel Stromborg of Gensler, David Malman of IALD, Sage Russell of LumenWerx
    • 12:15 pm
      1:45 pm


    • 2:00 pm
      2:30 pm

      Everyone is building islands, but no one bridges

      Speaker: Beatrice Witzgall of Lumifi
    • 2:45 pm
      3:15 pm

      Color Theory and Design for Lighting

      Speaker: Gloria Jaroff of Gloria Jaroff Design
    • 3:30 pm
      4:00 pm

      Light in the public realm

      Speaker: James Carpenter of Carpenter Lowings
      At the intersection of art, engineering and architecture, James Carpenter will focus on the phenomenal qualities of light as a central organizing principle of the public realm. Using infrastructural, cultural and civic projects, Carpenter will outline some of his practice’s innovative strategies that merge program, performance, structure and light to
    • 4:15 pm
      4:45 pm

      The Future of Hotels

      Speaker: Clay Markham of CallisonRTKL
    • 5:00 pm
      6:30 pm

      Networking Reception on the Exhibit Floor

  • Thursday 15 February 2018
    • 9:15 am
      9:45 am

      The Integration of Light and Content

      Speaker: Cameron McNall of Electroland
      Electroland has been a pioneer for 15 years in creating environmental installations that employ interactivity, light and sound. As artists creating artwork we frequently stumble across discoveries and challenges using new technologies that anticipate many of the same problems and possibilities that emerge in commercial applications, but many years later. Electroland Principal Cameron McNall will discuss the current artwork of Electroland and how it may predict future work.
    • 10:00 am
      10:30 am

      The Design of Retail for Today and Tomorrow.

      Speaker: Chris Dieringer of Microsoft
    • 10:45 am
      11:15 am

      Lighting from Dawn ’til Dusk ’til Dawn

      Speaker: Ute Besenecker of Lighting Science Group
      Lighting for human health and wellbeing depends largely on application, environment, user group and timing. Much has been learned through research studies in the last years. Color and white spectral tuning for interior architectural lighting are gaining traction due to considerations for human health and wellbeing. What is possible? When
    • 11:30 am
      12:15 pm

      Illumination of the light space

      Speaker: Frank Nuovo of Nuovo Design
      Advances in lighting technology require movement from a traditional view of the industry today. This is compared to other radical transformations of tech; communications from wired to wireless mobile phones, further the convergence of a mobile phone with all things smart. Music, games and video to digital - shifting the hotel business toward digital mobile oriented solutions (Air B&B) and even redefining taxi service with Uber and Lyft. The radical transformation of the traditional business of lighting his happening rapidly. Reset your perspective of function, form, marketing and delivery- all manner of digital utility along with the unlocking of form constraints (style and design/aesthetics) are being enhanced by new and versatile high performance technology. Fixtures of Illumination now bring physical points of intelligence, awareness, security, communication and entertainment all in sync with many other elaborate technology systems.
    • 12:15 pm
      1:30 pm

      Lunchtime – Conference ends

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